Welcome to my collection of Limited Edition Photographs. This gallery is for viewing purposes only at this site. To view photographs by categories (landscape, impressions, wildlife, etc.) please go over to Brendatharp.com. There, you can view all the images, printing and pricing information,  and order prints online.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my art!


abstract adventure africa alaska ancient animal anser caerulescens antelope apostle architecture arid art asia aspen aspens atmosphere autumn beach behavior bird birds blackandwhite blue blur blurred building california canyon capitol reef national park cascade city cityscape cityscapes cliff closeup cloud clouds color colorado plateau colorful cultural culture dawn daytime dead deadvlei death valley death valley national park death valley np desert destination detail dolomites dramatic dramatic light dry dunes eastern eastern sierra el capitan erosion etosha etosha national park etosha np europe exotic fall fields fine art fine art print flight flowers flowing flying fog foggy foliage forest formation formations fresh water geological geology glacial golden grand staircase escalante national monument granite greeting card grove highcountry hoodoos horizontal ice iceberg icm icon iconic impression inside inside passage intentional camera motion intimate landscape island italian italy la serenissima lake landscape landscapes leaves light limited edition lindblad madeline island maine mammal merced mi michigan mojave desert monochrome mood moody moonlight morning morocco motionblur mountain mountains mud namibia namibnaukluft national national park nature nature impressions nature photography new mexico night nighttime no people nobody north america ocean orange outdoor outdoors outside painterly panblur panorama park passage pattern peaceful peninsula photograph pink point poppies poppy populus tremuloides print print only prints pristine pure quiet red red rock red rock country redrock reflection reflections refuge religious reserve river rock rocks rushing safari sand sandstone scene scenic season seasons serene shadow sierra sierra nevada sky slovenia slow shutter snow snow geese snowcovered snowy sossusvlei southeast southeast alaska southwest spring springtime stark stone storm stormy stream sunlight sunrise sunset superior tongass tongass national forest tracy arm traditional tranquil travel tree trees tuscan tuscany twilight urban usa ut utah valley venezia venice vertical vista wall art wall decor water waterfall weather western white wild wilderness wildflowers wildlife winter woods yellow yosemite yosemite national park yosemite np yosemite valley zion zion national park zion np
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