20171015 accordion adriatic aerial view agricultural agriculture altar architecture art atmosphere autumn barn beech bell tower bicyclist blackandwhite bled blue hour bluehour boats bridge brunch building buildings cafe california calm cascade catholic center changing church church of the assumption of maria church of the sacred heart city cityscape clean clouds coastal cobblestone coffee colorful community corn countryside couple crowd cultural dawn daytime destination detail dirt doorway drežnica dried dusk elevated empty europe european fall fall color famous farm farmhouse farmhouses farming farmland female fields fine art print flower boxes flowers flowing fog foggy foliage forest fransciscan frescoes fresh geraniums gilded gorge goriska brda goriška brda grazing greeting card gulf of trieste hand hanging harbor hillside hilltop historic homes horizontal horse houses hunting stand impression interior island jamnik julian alps keyboard kobarid lake lake bled lake bohinj landscape lane larch leaves lights lipica lippizaner ljubljana ljubljanica lunch male man mangart mountain road market marketplace massive meadows monochrome mood moody morning morning light moss motionblur mountain mountains musician nature nature photography night no people nobody north america ocean old town outdoor outdoors outside painted painting park path peaceful people pericnik falls person pew photography picturesque pigeon piran platform playing plaza preseren square pristine pure quaint quiet rain rainy reflection reflections region religion religious religious building religious object resort river road rock rocks romantic rooftops rosary rural rushing scene sculpture sea seaside season seasons selo serene shop shutters skofja loka slovenia slovenian snow snowcovered snowy soça square st. george's parish church st. thomas's still stream street street life street scene sunrise sunset sveti tomaz tartini tharp tourism tower town traditional tranquil travel trees triglav national park twilight urban valley vertical vibrant view above view from above village vines vineyards vintgar vrsic walking wall wall art wall decor water waterfall weather weathered wild wilderness window wine country woman woods worship yellow
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